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How Are US Incidents Recorded on BC Carrier Profiles?

According to the Commercial Safety and Enforcement (CVSE),

Here are some clarifications on how US incident data is recorded on BC National Safety Code Carrier Profiles, including for accidents, out-of-service declarations, out of service declarations, and US violation tickets and notice orders.

1. For NSC purposes, only accidents where the carrier is at fault or fault is undetermined are assigned points on Carrier Profiles.

  • In contrast, CSA tracks all accidents including those where the driver/carrier is not at fault. If fault is initially assigned to the driver/carrier, or is indeterminate, but the driver/carrier is later found not to have been at fault, the driver/carrier must initiate an NSC Profile Dispute by contacting CVSE Victoria to have the points removed from the BC Carrier Profile – this is not done automatically (note that the same applies with respect to accident data from all Canadian jurisdictions, including ICBC data in BC). The carrier must provide supporting documents to show it was not at fault when initiating the dispute. While the accident will continue to be recorded on the BC Carrier Profile, it will show as not at fault, and previously assigned points will be removed.

2. Only Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections with an OOS result are assigned points on BC Carrier Profiles.

  • CSA tracks all inspections, including those that do not result in OOS declaration. Furthermore, if a driver or vehicle receives multiple OOS infractions on one CVSA inspection, the carriers score is only impacted by 3 points. The pointing is for the overall inspection result, not per vehicle or defect. CVSA inspections with violations that do not result in an OOS declaration are recorded on the BC Carrier Profile but not assigned points.

3. US violation tickets and N&O’s are not assigned points on BC Carrier Profiles.

  • With respect to violation tickets, the US does not provide pending violation data or conviction data to CVSE, and, even if that data was provided, there is no NSC point equivalency between US and Canadian violations. The same applies with respect to US N&O’s (i.e, the data is not provided to CVSE, and hence cannot be recorded or assigned points on a BC Carrier Profile.

Original article source: BCTA Bulletin – How are US Incidents Recorded on BC Carrier Profiles?

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