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IRP Practice for Dealing with Variance of Registered Weights

ICBC has confirmed that jurisdictions allowing carriers to register prorate vehicles by gross weight under the International Registration Plan are within their rights to request supporting documentation for any licensing requests based on weight variances that exceed 10% between the base jurisdiction and others.

This policy has been in place without change since 2008. Prior to the Full Reciprocity Plan, ICBC may not have always asked carriers to provide supporting documentation for such requests, however the IRP recently directed all member jurisdictions to pay closer attention to variances and enforce the requirement for documentation explaining the reasons for any applications that go over the 10% variance allowed.

The following excerpt is from the IRP:


If an applicant requests registration weights for a Vehicle in Member Jurisdictions that register according to gross Vehicle weight that differ by more than 10% between such 32 Member Jurisdictions, the Base Jurisdiction may require the Applicant to provide documentation concerning the actual operations of the Vehicle. The Base Jurisdiction may deny registration for such a Vehicle if the Base Jurisdiction determines that the requested variance does not reflect actual operations.

New IRP registrants with no prior travel history in other jurisdictions must use the Average Per Vehicle Distance Chart to calculate first-year prorate fees and cannot apply for GVW variances during their first prorate term.

For a copy of the IRP manual, click here.

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Original article source: BCTA – IRP Practice for Dealing with Variance of Registered Weights

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