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Road Safety at Work Week: March 6 - 10

This year's Road Safety at Work Week campaign reminds employers that, whether their employees use personal vehicles for work or drive company vehicles, they have the same legal obligations for employee safety.

Employer obligations include:

  • Confirm employee-owned vehicles are regularly inspected, maintained, and fit for their intended work purpose
  • Provide training, instruction, and supervision to ensure employee safety
  • Make sure employees understand and follow company safe driving policies and procedures

Employee obligations include:

  • Understand and follow traffic laws
  • Take necessary steps to ensure the safety of themselves and their passengers
  • Follow company safe work policies and procedures
  • Do not drive or work if impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Report any work-related hazards to their employer
  • Ensure personal vehicles used for work are licenced, insured, maintained and operated in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act

Employers can use Road Safety at Work Week to:

  • Have safety talks with your employees
  • Share road safety materials with your workers, which can be downloaded from
  • Conduct safety checks of employees work vehicles
  • Review employees insurance coverage and driving records

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of traumatic workplace deaths in the province of BC, with an average of 20 workers a year killed and 1,260 injured while driving for work.  Employers are encouraged to use Road Safety at Work Week to implement or improve safe driving-for-work policies and procedures across their organizations.

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