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When you bring your business to our TRANSPORTATION specialists at HUB International Insurance Brokers, you receive the combined power of our vast global resources and solid local relationships. Our longstanding relationships with the best providers in the business allow us to deliver the solution that serves you best. With HUB, you can run your business knowing that you are headed in the right direction.

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  • January 15, 2016
    The final version of the US Electronic Logging Device rule comes into effect as of February 17, 2016 for voluntary compliance.  Some exemptions outlined in the final version include: commercial trucks older than model year 2000 driveaway/towaway operations (where the vehicle is a commodity being delivered) drivers with paper copies of record of duty status for not more than 8 days in a 30-day period The final rule acknowledges...
  • January 12, 2016
    Dec 10, 2015 Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a new rule aimed at enforcing regulations to prevent driver fatigue. Commercial truck and bus drivers must now electronically record all their hours behind the wheel. Electronic devices are to be installed in the vehicles to automatically record driving time by monitoring engine hours, vehicle movement, miles driven, and location information. This automated...
  • December 15, 2015
    The National Cargo Theft Initiative is sponsored by the Insurance Corporation of Canada and supported by the Canadian Trucking Alliance as well as the BC Trucking Association in order to combat the clear and present continued threat posed by cargo theft perpetrators. The program first launched in 2014 in Ontario to raise awareness of the dangers and costs associated with cargo theft and to assist in the recovery of stolen goods. The success of...
  • December 09, 2015
    Here is a summary of upcoming deadlines for the end of December 2015 and January 2016: Past Due: Although employers theoretically have until November 30, 2018 to adjust practices and training for understanding new Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System 2015 labels and material Safety Data Sheets, with US manufacturers and distributors switched to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (or “...
  • December 01, 2015
    In the winter, loss of traction can occur anytime, anywhere – when going too fast around a corner, when dry conditions quickly change to rain or ice, when parked incorrectly on an icy hill, or applying too much brake (causing the wheels to lock). Common Causes for Loss of Traction Over-braking – Braking too hard can lock up the wheels Over-steering – Turning the wheels too sharply can cause the back end of the vehicle to slide...
  • November 27, 2015
    As of Sept 22, 2015, all commercial vehicles in BC may use textile covers (also called snow socks) as an alternative to chains during winter months. (See Snow Socks Now Approved for BC Use) With winter weather upon us, you may be looking at the possibility of outing your fleet with snow socks over chains this year. But before you make your decision, you want to do your research. What are snow socks? Textile covers or snow socks are fabric...

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